HE/HF Indirect Fired Duct Furnace Heat Module

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ETL Listed - ANSI Z83.8 - Duct Furnace

Installed in a non-combustible duct or cabinet with no additional listing

- For installation on the positive pressure side of the Circulating air fan only
- Listed for Outdoor and Indoor applications
- Integral vent pipe connection
- Fully insulated enclosure or cabinet mount applications
- Circulating air flow proving switch pre-wired
- All safety, warning labels and Installer/User instructions included


ETL Recognized Component - ANSI Z83.8 Requires Listing in Manufacturer's application (or) Field approval in certain jurisdictions

Customer responsible for:

- Cabinet sheeting / air tunnel
- Properly sized combustion air opening in cabinet
- Vent discharge duct or piping
- Mounting and wiring of electrical controls
- Air flow proving switch
- Condensate drain line if installed downstream of refrigeration system
- Safety / Warning labels and installation instruction