We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday from November 23rd-24th. We will also be closed for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays beginning December 25th. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, January 2, 2024. These holiday closures will not count toward lead times which are between 6 and 20 weeks depending on the product line you require. We are working overtime to complete all orders.
EMERGENCY PARTS ORDERS DURING CLOSURE – Account customers can place emergency Next Day Air parts orders by sending PO’s to orders@heatco.com with the subject line Emergency Parts. We will be shipping EMERGENCY orders on December 27th ONLY! All other orders will wait to be processed on January 2nd when we reopen.
EMERGENCY TECHNICAL SUPPORT – To request emergency technical support, please email details of your need including Heatco serial number and contact information to sales@heatco.com with the subject line Emergency Support. Someone from our technical support team will get back with you as soon as possible.

State Of The Art

🔥 Our History
Heatco was founded on May 1, 1982. From our humble beginnings in a rented one room office, we have come a long way!

In 2012 we celebrated our 30th Anniversary, providing Heating Solutions for Commercial HVAC equipment, tobacco curing systems and process heating applications. We remain committed to working with our customers to provide the best possible heating solution for their particular application. We continually focus on improving quality, efficiency and the technology of our heating systems in order to meet the regulations, operating requirements and needs of our customers.

In order to accomplish our desire to be your heating solution partner, we are focused on continuous improvements to address capacity, systems and quality needs. Included in these improvements are:

✓ 80,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Cartersville, Georgia, USA
✓ Fully equipped on-site Research and Development Laboratory
✓ All of our product lines are ETL Listed to ANSI Z83.8
✓ State of the art production equipment
✓ Amada 3 axis 4 kw laser cutter with automated material handling
✓ Eaton Leonard tube benders – capable of handling up to 240″ tube length
✓ Fully integrated Hydraulic tube swedging tables
✓ Multiple manufacturing lines, every unit is test-fired at completion of assembly
✓ Three CNC Press Brakes
✓ MIG and TIG Welding stations

⚙ Engineering & Design
Our professional in-house engineering staff design, build and test heating solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We have developed a highly flexible and configurable line of products which allow our customers to deliver reliable, efficient heating solutions for almost any application. Leveraging automation through software and systems, and implementing Lean Manufacturing principles, we continue to deliver leading edge, world class heating solutions for our customers. Each design is built and tested in our on-site SAT level 2 lab, allowing us to ensure performance results to meet the growing needs of the market and our customers.
🔧 Manufacturing
Our world class manufacturing process incorporates Lean Manufacturing principles, where quality and efficiency are delivered to meet the needs of our customers. We utilize state of the art equipment which allows us to deliver the highest quality products reliably, quickly and safely.
🏠 Location
Our facility is located in Cartersville, Georgia. Our 80,000 sq. ft. facility supports all aspects of the design and manufacturing process, and also includes a fully equipped, certified engineering and testing laboratory.
Rob Hankinson

✉ sales@heatco.com
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Steve Hankinson

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Phil Hankinson
V.P. of Operations

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Alan Forsyth

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Matt Reese
Engineer Manager

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Sean Baxter
Customer Service Mgr./Sales

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Tanner Stinard
Customer Service

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Thomas Griffin
Quality Manager

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Michael Melillo
Purchasing Manager

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Shannon Walls

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Eric Bruton
Dir. Tech Services

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Terry Slaby
Technical Advisor

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Bryan Massouda
Product Engineer

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Ashley Hillman
Product Engineer

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Ernesto Alvarez
Lab Manager

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Michelle Serna
Office Manager

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Candace Brasfield
Administrative Assistant

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Brisa Lanier

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Staci Geise
Office Assistant

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Jeremy Pence
Manufacturing Engineer

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David Richards
Manufacturing Engineer

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Bob Anders

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Tony Serna

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Rodolfo Barrientos

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Andres Ortegon
Machine Programmer

✉ aortegon@heatco.com
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Ben Thompson

✉ bthompson@heatco.com
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Shannon Ragsdale
Plant Manager

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Reid Fincher
Project Manager

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Greg Allen
Shipping Manager

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