Heatco ensures INNOVATION, QUALITY, and RELIABILITY in all of our products.

Heatco Policy on Business Ethics and Worker Rights

Heatco is committed to operating in an ethical manner and has the same level of expectations for all suppliers we partner with in business.

All activities shall be handled in an ethical manner.  The highest standards of integrity are to be upheld in all business interactions.  Bribery, corruption, extortion, and any other unethical efforts to create business advantage will not be tolerated.  Management of business information and intellectual property shall be handled in such a way as to protect both Heatco and its suppliers.

Heatco is committed to ensuring that all workers in its supply chain are treated fairly and with respect.  We require the following of ourselves and all suppliers:

  1. Worker employment is freely chosen.  Forced, bonded or indenture labor; prison labor; slavery or trafficking of persons shall not be used.
  2. Work place is free of discrimination.  Employees shall be provided a workplace free from harassment and discrimination including discrimination based on gender, age, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  3. Child labor is not utilized.  The labor force shall be comprised individual who are at least 16 years of age or meet minimum age requirements of local labor laws, whichever is higher.
  4. Workers are legally compensated.  All workers shall be compensated financially and otherwise as required by local labor laws including those related to minimum wages, overtime hours, and the right to organize.
  5. Workers are provided a safe work environment.  All workers are provided a work environment designed to prevent injury and illness.  Efforts shall include but not be limited to occupational safety programs, proper safety equipment, and emergency preparedness.