– Fully sheeted duct furnaces mounted in a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame.
– Provides listed temperature rise and air side pressure drop performance.
– Each furnace includes an individual shutoff valve, flexible gas connector & union piped to properly sized supply header.
– Condensate drains pre-piped to a common header.
– Easy removal of any single duct furnace.
– All controls prewired to a sequencer for system control.
– Customer only needs to provide Power, “Call for Heat” and a 0-10 VDC signal.

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Model NumberPDFAlt PDFPDF of Gas TrainPDF of Wiring DiagramMax Input MBHMax Output MBHMin Input MBHMin Output MBHNat. Gas Turndown RatioMax CFMMax APD @ Min RiseMax Temp RiseMin CFMMin APD @ Max RiseDim ADim BDim CDim DWeight (Lbs.)Total Amps 120VTotal Amps 208V 230V
HDA-VHX-250-500PDFPDFPDFPDF500400504010 to 1185190.8310037040.0446.13047.41749085
HDA-VHX-300-600PDFPDFPDFPDF600480604810 to 1222220.9710044440.0551.63047.41753385
HDA-VHX-350-700PDFPDFPDFPDF700560705610 to 1259261.0910051850.0659.13047.41758785
HDA-VHX-400-800PDFPDFPDFPDF800640806410 to 1296301.210059260.0665.73047.41764085
HDA-VHX-300-900PDFPDFPDFPDF900720604815 to 1333330.9710066670.05783047.417785127.5
HDA-VHX-500-1000PDFPDFPDFPDF10008001008010 to 1370371.3810074070.0778.63047.42073310
HDA-VHX-350-1050PDFPDFPDFPDF1050840705615 to 1388891.0910077780.0687.83047.417856127.5
HDA-VHX-600-1200PDFPDFPDFPDF12009601209610 to 1444441.5210088890.0891.63047.42077310
HDA-VHX-400-1200PDFPDFPDFPDF1200960806415 to 1444441.210088890.0697.53047.417936127.5
HDA-VHX-500-1500PDFPDFPDFPDF1500120015012015 to 1555561.38100111110.071173047.4201076157.5
HDA-VHX-600-1800PDFPDFPDFPDF1800144018014415 to 1666671.52100133330.081313047.4201136157.5
Note: For Propane gas, turndown is 60% of stated natural gas turndown.