Standard Rack Assembly

– Fully sheeted duct furnaces mounted in a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame.
– Provides listed temperature rise and air side pressure drop performance.
– Each furnace includes an individual shutoff valve, flexible gas connector & union piped to properly sized supply header.
– Condensate drains pre-piped to a common header.
– Easy removal of any single duct furnace.
– All controls prewired to a sequencer for system control.
– Customer only needs to provide Power, “Call for Heat” and a 0-10 VDC signal.

Weatherproof  Enclosure

– Complete weatherproof vestibule and cabinet with duct flanges.
– Large, hinged galvanized steel door for easy access to components and controls.
– Fresh air intakes assure adequate combustion air supply.
– All heaters pre-wired to marked terminal strip for electrical supply.
– Insulated vent connectors to prevent heat build-up in cabinet.

Outdoor Venting Kit

– Vent riser assembly with integral rain cap.
– Provides proper venting of flue gases and prevents flue gas recirculation into burner combustion air supply.

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Model NumberStd PDFAlt PDFPDF of Gas TrainPDF of Wiring DiagramMax Input MBHMax Output MBHMin Input MBHMin Output MBHMax Avail. Turndown (Nat)Max Ind HX Input# of HX'sMax CFM @ Min RiseAPD @ Min RiseMax Temp RiseMin CFM @ Max RiseAPD @ Max RiseDim. ADim. BDim. CDim. DWeight (Lbs.)Total Amps 120VTotal Amps 208V 230V
HDB-VHP-225-450-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF450360453610 to 12252166670.329037040.0256.1465.1381.9716.78N/a85
HDB-VHP-250-500-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF500400504010 to 12502185190.399041150.0256.1465.1381.9716.78N/a85
HDB-VHP-270-540-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF540432544310 to 12702200000.369044440.0262.6465.1381.9716.78N/a85
HDB-VHP-300-600-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF600480604810 to 13002222220.449049380.0362.6465.1381.9716.78N/a85
HDB-VHP-315-630-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF630504635010 to 13152233330.409051850.0269.1465.1381.9716.78N/a85
HDB-VHP-225-675-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF675540453615 to 12253250000.329055560.0279.7665.1381.9716.78N/a127.5
HDB-VHP-350-700-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF700560705610 to 13502259260.489057610.0369.1465.1381.9716.78N/a85
HDB-VHP-375-750-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF750600756010 to 13752277780.469061730.0375.6465.1381.9716.78N/a85
HDB-VHP-400-800-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF800640806410 to 14002296300.529065840.0375.6465.1381.9716.78N/a85
HDB-VHP-300-900-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF900720604815 to 13003333330.449074070.0389.5165.1381.9716.78N/a127.5
HDB-VHP-315-945-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF945756635015 to 13153350000.409077780.0299.2665.1381.9716.78N/a127.5
HDB-VHP-250-1000-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF1000800504020 to 12504370370.399082300.02103.3865.1381.9716.78N/a1610
HDB-VHP-500-1000-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF10008001008010 to 15002370370.577598770.0588.6469.7482.216.78N/a105
HDB-VHP-350-1050-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF1050840705615 to 13503388890.489086420.0399.2665.1381.9716.78N/a127.5
HDB-VHP-400-1200-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF1200960806415 to 14003444440.529098770.03109.0165.1381.9716.78N/a127.5
HDB-VHP-600-1200-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF120010001209610 to 16002444440.6175118520.05101.6469.7482.219.8N/a105
HDB-VHP-500-1500-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF150012001008015 to 15003555560.5775148150.05128.5169.7482.219.8N/a157.5
HDB-VHP-600-1800-O-WPDFPDFPDFPDF180014401209615 to 16003666670.6175177780.05148.0169.7482.219.8N/a157.5
Note: For Propane gas, turndown is 60% of stated natural gas turndown.