Configurations with 30-100°F Temp Rise

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Model NumberPDFMax Input MBHMax Output MBHBurner Model #Burner Turn DownBurner Max BtuBurner Min BTUWeight (Lbs.)Max CFMMin CFM
HE750-XX-J30A B G950770JR30A-1210 to 11197000126000921237507125
HE750-XX-V2A B G950770V220 to 1115000048000899237507125
HE1000-XX-V2A B G12501013V220 to 11150000480001132312509375
HE1000-XX-J30A B G12501013JR30A-1210 to 111970001260001188312509375
HE1000-XX-V4A B G12501013V420 to 11890000800001152312509375
HE1000-XX-J50A B G12501013JR50A-15A10 to 120900002200001198312509375
HE1250-XX-J50A B G15501256JR50A-15A10 to 1209000022000012513875011625
HE1250-XX-V4A B G15501256V420 to 118900008000012153875011625
HE1500-XX-V4A B G18751519V420 to 118900008000012574687514063
HE1500-XX-J50A B G18751519JR50A-15A10 to 1209000022000013034687514063
HE1750-XX-J50A B G22501823JR50A-15A10 to 1209000022000012715625016875
HE1750-XX-J50BA B G22501823JR50A-15B10 to 1237500025000013285625016875
HE1750-XX-V6A B G22501823V620 to 1250000010000013035625016875
HE2000-XX-J50BA B G25002025JR50A-15B10 to 1237500025000012906250018750
HE2000-XX-C2A B G25002025C2-G-20B10 to 1290000030800014406250018750
HE2000-XX-V6A B G25002025V620 to 1250000010000013036250018750
HE2500-XX-C2A B G30002430C2-G-20B10 to 1290000030800016567500022500
HE2500-XX-C3A B G30002430C3-G-2010 to 1400000042000016687500022500
HE2500-XX-V10A B G30002430V1020 to 1330000015000015437500022500
HE3000-XX-V10A B G37503038V1020 to 1330000015000018969375028125
HE3000-XX-C3A B G37503038C3-G-2010 to 1400000042000020219375028125
HE4000-XX-C3A B G50004050C3-G-2510 to 14500000471800264512500037500
HE4000-XX-C3BA B G50004050C3-G-25B10 to 15000000525000265012500037500
BOM disclaimer: Burner technical data is provided for typical standard burner and is subject to change without notice by the burner manufacturer.