Configurations with 20-90°F Temp Rise

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Model NumberPDFMax Input MBHMax Output MBHMax Avail. Turndown (Nat)Max CFMMax APD @ Min RiseMax Temp RiseMin CFMMin APD @ Max RiseDim ADim BDim CDim DWeight (Lbs.)Total Amps 120VTotal Amps 208V 230V
HMT070PDF70056010 to 1259260.3110051850.022946.3775.252041510N/a
HMT080PDF80064010 to 1296300.399065840.022946.3775.252041510N/a
HMT090PDF90072010 to 1333330.488083330.042946.3775.252041510N/a
HMT100PDF100080010 to 1370370.719082300.042946.3775.252055010N/a
HMT110PDF110088010 to 1407410.848595860.062946.3775.252055010N/a
HMT120PDF120096010 to 1444440.9970126980.12946.3775.252055010N/a
HMT125PDF1250100010 to 1462961.0765142450.122946.3775.252055010N/a
Note: For Propane gas, turndown is 60% of stated natural gas turndown.