– Designed for Make-up Air Units Applications in Extreme Climate.
– ETL Recognized air heater / duct furnace module – ANSI Z83.8 Gas-fired duct furnaces.
– Available with on/off, two-stage or electronic modulating control systems-all direct spark ignitions.
– Units can be applied to both vertical and horizontal airflows downstream of refrigeration systems.
– 304 stainless steel heat exchanger – longer life and low maintenance.
– Low airside pressure drops.

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Model NumberPDFMax Input MBHMax Output MBHMax Avail. Turndown (Nat)Max APD @ Min RiseMax CFMMax Temp RiseMin CFMMin APD @ Max RiseDim ADim BDim CDim DWeight (Lbs.)Total Amps 120VTotal Amps 208V 230V
HTA150A B C D E F G P Q15012010 to 10.1937041258890.0119.0728.354612.6111842.5
HTA225A B C D E F G P Q22518010 to 10.27555612513330.0228.8228.354612.6114242.5
HTA300A B C D E F G P Q30024010 to 10.33740712517780.0232.0728.354612.6116742.5
HTA400A B C D E F G P Q40032010 to 10.43987712523700.0338.5728.354612.6122142.5
Note: For Propane gas, turndown is 60% of stated natural gas turndown.