80% Efficiency
Heatco Offers Numerous 80% Efficient Gas Heat Options – HM, HD, HE, HF, HH, HT Product Lines
90% Efficiency
Heatco’s EF Series 90% Efficient Indirect Gas Furnaces Offer Industry Leading Heating Efficiency
  • kW Input

  • Temp Rise (°C)

  • Airflow L/s (Actual)**

  • kW Out

  • Inlet Air Temp (°C)

  • Elevation

  • Air Density (kg/m3)

  • Bar. Press. (“Hg)

  • Comb Eff

**For SCFM, use 21° inlet air temp regardless of your actual entering air temperature.

IMPORTANT: All burners / heat exchangers must be sized at 0ft. elevation for given design conditions. Adjustments for operation at altitude will be made by the factory. Please contact Heatco with any questions.