Additional Information Regarding 81% Efficiency Products (Highlighted Below – Added 1/6/23)

DOE 81% Efficient Requirements Mandated for 2023 Heater Production

Heatco is expanding its product offering to include 81% efficient furnaces beginning January 1, 2023. This product expansion is to support customers with a desire to meet the new Department of Energy (DOE) requirements for product efficiency. The minimum efficiency requirements for ANSI and CSA standards are not changing, and we will continue to offer our 80% efficient products for the first six months of 2023. The prices for both options will be the same. The 81% efficient products will have slightly different dimensional requirements than the current 80% efficient products. Drawings for our 81% efficient furnaces will be available on our website beginning in January 2023.

DOE Energy Conservation Standard (10 CFR Part 431 Subpart D – Commercial Warm Air Furnaces)

In response to several customers’ inquiries regarding 81% efficient furnaces, Heatco is sharing this additional information on the recent DOE standards change.

The subject conservation standard for gas-fired commercial warm air furnaces states that “For gas-fired commercial warm air furnaces manufactured starting on January 1, 2023, the TE at the maximum rated capacity (rated maximum input) must be not less than 81 percent.”

To avoid any confusion as to how this Standard affects AHU manufacturers and their equipment, the definitions provided in the standard must be referenced.

“Commercial Warm Air Furnace means a warm air furnace that is industrial equipment, and that has a capacity (rated maximum input) of 225,000 Btu per hour or more.”

“Warm-air furnace means a self-contained oil-fired or gas-fired furnace designed to supply heated air through ducts to spaces that require it and includes combination warm air furnace/electric air conditioning units but does not include unit heaters and duct furnaces.”

Heatco HM / HD series models are duct furnace modules that are Agency Listed to ANSI Z83.8 / CSA 2.6, and do not have a primary air moving device. As such, they are not directly affected by the new DOE standard. The current listing standard for these products requires a minimum 80% thermal efficiency.

Manufacturer’s using Heatco duct furnaces in conjunction with air moving devices are producing a warm air furnace by the DOE definition, and therefore must determine their desired level of compliance with the new DOE efficiency requirements.

To assist manufacturers of commercial equipment, Heatco has developed versions of the basic model series which provide 81% or higher thermal efficiency, and which are Agency certified at that efficiency. Manufacturers producing equipment intended to comply with the new DOE Standards are directed to contact us regarding the 81% efficient models. In some cases, there are minor dimensional changes which might affect product application. There are also some changes in operational rise ranges and airside pressure drops in certain models. It is our goal to assist you in conversion to DOE compliant products where desired.

Beginning January 3, 2023, all quotes, submittals, and drawings (if available) provided will reflect the 81% efficient product line unless you specifically request 80% efficient furnaces. To properly configure an 81% efficient heating solution, we must know the desired maximum temperature rise for the application.

Initially, 81% efficient products will have longer lead times than our 80% efficient products. Our goal is to have common lead times beginning in March 2023.

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