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Improved WB control to replace MB control – transitioning during Q2 2022

Heatco is excited to announce the launch of the improved 10:1 modulating WB control system for our modular duct furnace product lines. This control features the same fully linearized modulation while achieving a condensed gas train footprint.

The new WB control system incorporates a ModCombo gas valve on the modulating section that combines the operation of the modulating gas valve and the safety shut-off valve all into one valve body. This condenses the gas train by swapping the current modulating valve and safety shut-off valve to just one ModCombo valve. The secondary gas train section remains the same.

Standard WB Gas Train

Standard MB Gas Train

The ModCombo valve also decreases the number of locations for gas pressure adjustment. There is only one location to adjust both the high-fire and low-fire manifold pressure. The secondary section two-stage gas valve has the same two adjustment locations as the previous control.

Conversion in the field from one type of gas to another is also less expensive and easier. The new ModCombo valve is utilized for both Natural and Propane gas by the addition of an electrical jumper. There is no longer a need to swap out the modulating valve and signal conditioner control component when swapping from one fuel source to the other.

All operation and control logic of the MB control is still utilized in the improved WB control. All signal voltages and signal wire terminations are the same. The signal conditioner has been adapted to allow for utilization on all gas inputs and gas types.

If you have any questions about this transition, please contact any of the Heatco team below:

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We are excited about the improved performance and capability of this new modulating control system, and we look forward to sharing more exciting products with you in 2022 and beyond.