🍃 What You Need To Know

The USDA NRCS (United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service) has available funds for tobacco farmers to retrofit their current barns with higher efficient better yielding heat exchangers. Heatco has worked with Agronomists to develop a heat exchanger that exceeds the NRCS standards to receive funds. Heatco has been in the tobacco industry for over 14 years and has thousands of conventional heat exchangers in the United States and Canada.

Heatco wants to provide you the customer direct correspondence with the us, the supplier. We will guide you through the steps to receive the funds owed to you, while supplying you with highest efficiency, and highest yielding heat exchangers the tobacco market can deliver.

In order to accomplish our desire to be your heating solution partner, we are focused on continuous improvements to address capacity, systems and quality needs. Included in these improvements are:

🍃 Our heat exchanger delivers 20% reduction in fuel consumption

🍃 Averages 11.5 lbs/gal which is an increase of 27% compared to conventional heat exchangers

🍃 Our heat exchanger saves an average of 22% in curing costs while maintaining or shortening cure time

🍃 What Should I Expect If I Contact You?

When you contact us regarding tobacco heating solutions, we will:

1) Provide you a formal quote.

2) Give you detailed instructions of what you need to do to receive your Government funding.

3) Provide you with a list of approved energy audit agencies.

4) Provide you with the independent 3rd party validation that our furnaces are 90% efficient.

5) Provide an estimated investment taking into account government funding and fuel savings.